"A child today..
..is the future of tomorrow."

–  Sham Tilak

Services We Provide

Free Education

We provide free education in English, Math and Computer Technology. Education improves the future of Guyana!

Medical Outreach

People living in rural areas travel several hours to receive medical, dental and vision care. We travel to people in need to provide these services.

Community Outreach

We distribute food, clothing and toys to less fortunate communities. These simple acts of kindness bring hope and joy.


Save Abee is run by volunteers. Our mission is to provide education to the children of Guyana and give them the future life-skills needed to build a more positive future.

Community Events

Save Abee provides entertainment for the youth to bring communities together and foster strong relationships.

Orphan Christmas Party

This event allows us to bring multiple orphanages together for fun, celebration and a moment where it’s all about the children.

SAF Members

Sham Tilak
– Founder
Robert Narine – Vice President
Terry Gajraj – Public Relation Officer
Anant Hansraj – Public Relation Officer

Asha Tilak
Dave Ragubhir

Deodat Siraram

The Save Abee Foundation dream started in 2010 when Sham Tilak returned to Guyana, his birthplace, in order to attend a family member’s wedding. Upon his return, he couldn’t help but notice the lack of opportunity in the field of computer technology.

Our Vision & Mission

Providing education and quality of life to children of tomorrow living in poverty around the world. The goal of the foundation is to open centers across Guyana. Since the children are enrolled in the local school during the day, these centers will operate on evenings and weekends in order to supplement their current education. We want to open doors that otherwise would be closed for many children in Guyana.

As the children continue to excel in computer courses, our foundation will be granting a scholarship (or scholarships, based on the availability of funds), to qualifying children so they can further their academic studies.

Who We Are

Our team has grown through generous support from volunteers and donations from many fund-raising events. It is through this continued support that the Save Abee Foundation is able to help more people each year.

The Save Abee Founadtion is a non-profit 501(c) organization (EIN 271272153) which is registered in the United States, Canada, and Guyana. The foundation is set up to provide an education in technology in the rural areas of Guyana where such opportunities wouldn’t normally exist due to a lack of equipment and transportation.


Our approach to giving support is unique. We know one size does not fit all when it comes to charitable contribution. That’s why we offer several options as direct donation, donate your time, donating new clothing in good conditions, providing a low cost education scholarship or just sharing this website.