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Providing children education and better quality of life to the children of tomorrow living in poverty around the world.

SAVE ABEE Foundation:

The Save Abee Foundation dream started in 2010 when Sham Tilak returned to Guyana, his birthplace, in order to attend a family member's wedding. Upon his return, he couldn't help but notice the lack of opportunity in the field of computer technology.

"I had a dream that the children of Guyana could be blessed with an institution that would provide the education and knowledge to give them the future life-skills needed to build a more positive future for them and their community. This dream is now a reality with the help of ABEE (all of us)." - Sham Tilak

In order to continue this dream and reach more children in the community, our team has grown through the generous support from volunteers and donations from many fund-raising events. It is through this continued support that Save Abee Foundation is able to help more people each year. Save Abee Founadtion is a non-profit organization (NPO) which is registered in both the United States, Canada, and in Guyana as well. The foundation is set up based on being able to provide a technological education in the rural areas of Guyana where such opportunities wouldn't normally exist due to a lack of equipment and transportation.

The goal of the foundation is to begin in Cotton Tree Village, West Coast Berbice, and subsequently open centers across Guyana. Since the children are enrolled in the local school during the day, these centers will operate on evenings and weekends in order to supplement their current education. If every child can operate a computer efficiently, the goal of the foundation will be achieved, opening doors that otherwise would be closed for many children in Guyana.

To spread the word, Save Abee Foundation will partner with other NGOs to determine if we are capable of serving the community in which these NGOs are based. At these gatherings, we will attempt to establish relationships with local business associates in Guyana to determine if they can help provide a home, land or any other type of resource, with which we can extend our project to other villages. We would like to give back to each village, by providing accessible educational resources to the children despite geographical location, as our donors will represent different regions of Guyana.

Save Abee Foundation doesn’t stop there. As the children continue to excel in computer courses, our foundation will be granting a scholarship (or scholarships, based on the availability of funds), to qualifying children so they can further their academic studies.

Now that you know a little about SAVE ABEE, this is what we are asking of YOU. Take the SAVE ABEE pledge and help build this dream together. Remember the saying, “The children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” We have seen amazing leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Princess Diana and Padmani Devi; think of what a better place our world will be if you can help to create the leaders of the future.

SAVE ABEE starts with me. I will treat this organization as it is mine. What I am doing, I am doing because I believe I can make a difference in the lives of our children. I will promote and educate people about the foundation, wherever I go. I will provide my time, love, and dedication to this organization wholeheartedly. I love this organization and with the love I have for my country, I believe that the SAVE ABEE FOUNDATION is and will continue to positively change people’s lives.


As previously stated, this project is for the children. We would like to have about 500 to 1000 children raise $100 per year. As a parent, I ask you not to write a check for your child. Let them pick up loose change, or save a portion of the funds they receive on their birthday, Christmas and any other special occasion. If you write the check, it will all be over in one day without your child fully benefiting from this experience. Think about Christmas day when they get that new bike they were waiting for. At first they go everywhere with the bike and then after a couple of weeks the bike is just sitting there, forgotten, because little effort went into attaining the bike. We tend to remember the things in life we have to work for, the things that took time and effort to achieve. As a parent, the best gift you can give to your child is your time. If your child learns the concept of time, and is able to dedicate the time required to give back to these children, just think of the impact this will have on your child for the rest of their life.


We are working on a system where the children of Guyana and the children of the world who help raise the required funds, interact with each other via computer. We would like the children to interact so that they get to know who are helping them and who they are helping. The children in Guyana will further develop typing skills as they interact with other children globally. We are hoping that the children can also see how different life is in Guyana and be thankful for what they have in Canada and the USA.


  • Climb on Board – Become a member
  • Donate much needed cash or items that can be liquidated (e.g. electronics, home appliances, cars, boats, clothing, etc.)
  • Promote SAVE ABEE to everyone – Become an ambassador
  • Request a donation from family, friends and associates
  • Display a donation box at your Business or Community event
  • Become a Sponsor (e.g. fund raising activities such as raffles, garage sales, bake sales etc.)
  • Most importantly, volunteer your time